Digital printing

With our inkjet digital printing machines you have the possibility to process your printing orders just-in-time and thus avoid high storage costs. In addition, you reduce your costs by eliminating the need to produce sleeves and printing plates and to keep them in stock.

Since the print images are not bound to a rotary process, you are now independent in the choice of format length.

CPS Digital CI 250

Move your company into the new digital age with our inkjet central cylinder digital printing machine “CPS digital CI 250”. Innovative mechanical engineering combined with the latest inkjet technology provide you with previously undreamt-of possibilities for the realisation of your printing orders.

CPS Label

Our CPS Label digital label printing machine combines two work steps. We have integrated digital printing units into our rotary die-cutting machine for maximum efficiency and ease of operation. From the unprinted material web to the finished die-cut product with just one machine!

CPS Mini

The CPS Mini is the perfect companion if you want to produce jobs with a small print volume and only one ink. It has an integrated ink supply and UV drying. The web tension can be infinitely adjusted via a magnetic powder brake.

CPS Modul

Our CPS module forms the perfect unit with your existing production line. We integrate the digital printing into your existing production line to print your variable data and print images directly on your product in a flexible and easy way.

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