Our reliable Flexographic Printing Press FD2 is mainly taken by our customers for polyamide sausage casing printing use. This printing press is capable for 360° front- and backside printing in one production step. Nowadays the “printing over the edge” technology is state of the art – a squeegee will scrape the ink from central impression cylinder. Modern control technique and intuitive handling with touch panel functionality makes it easy to use.


Type: FD2 (Central impression, Gear driven)

  • 4, 6 or 8-Color Printing Rack with strong dimensioned Impression Cylinder, also available with temperature control for UV-Colors
  • 4, 6 or 8 complete Flexo rotary printing mechanisms for Solvents or UV-Colors
  • Double bearing supported Roller and Cylinder
  • Half-automated Unwinding and Rewinding Device, with double Rotating Arm
  • Easy sleeve replacement of the printing cylinder without disassembling
  • Available Drying Systems: Warm Air, UV
  • Turning Device for front- and backside printing in one production step
  • Adjustable Web Tension due to an electrical connected Servo-Drive Motor



  • Corona device, Powder device, Video web-tracking

Technical Data

Working width Max. 500 mm
Material width Max. 530 mm
Format length 290 bis 650 mm
Format steps 5 mm
Mechanical machine speed 5–150 m/min
Dimensions 11,4 x 3,5 x 4,2 m
Weight Ca. 15.000 kg (Typ FD 2/1910)

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