The flexographic printing machine FD20 in column design and gearless version from WDB Systemtechnik is characterized by a solid machine construction concept with high rigidity in the printing units. These machines are often used by our customers for the printing of composite films for pharmaceutical blister foils. The drying concept with concentration measurement for solvent-based inks guarantees safe and easy operation for your employees. Are you looking for a customized machinery manufacturer who can implement your wishes according to your experience?

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Type: FD20 (stack, gearless)

  • Two by Two-Color Printing Rack with strong dimensioned Impression Cylinders ø250 mm
  • 4 complete Flexo rotary printing units for Solvent or Water based Colors
  • Adjustment of the printing cylinder and anilox roller via linear slides and ball bearing screws at both sides
  • Sleevetechnology for cliché cylinder and anilox roller
  • Printing ON/ OFF moving in place of the printing cylinder and anilox roller
  • Stepless servo drive for each printing unit
  • Side register movement of printing cylinders by max. +/- 5 mm
  • Web Guiding device
  • Web Monitoring
  • Mono Unwinding device
  • Turret double rewinding device
  • Hot air drying equipment incl. exhaust system
  • Adjustable web tension due to electrical connected servo drives
  • All product contacted parts consists of hard-coded aluminum, stainless steel or FDA certified materials

Technical Data

Working width 600 mm (up on Customer request)
Material width 650 mm
Format length 300 to 630 mm
Format steps Steppless
Mechanical machine speed 10–150 m/min
Mono-Unwinder Ø 1000 mm, max. 1000 kg
Double turret Winder 2x Ø 600 mm, max. 200 kg
Web tension 50-350 N

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