The Future of printing. Pave the way for your digital future with our inkjet central impression digital printing machine „CPS digital CI 250“. Innovative engineering, paired with the newest inkjet technology provide unimagined capabilities for your printing business.


Digital printing as an opportunity

Starting off in the printing industry often comes with a high price barrier and requires a lot of knowledge. We want to make it easier for you to get up and running.

From now on there is no need to worry about sleeve or cliché cylinders anymore. Take your picture, load it via our innovative RIP software into the machine and press print. Setting up a new print job is only a matter of seconds. All the magic behind the scenes is handled for you and you are left with a satisfying print result.

The way from your idea to a finished print has never been so easy.


More flexibility

Keeping things in storage can be very expensive nowadays. With our digital printing machine you will be able to produce your individual print jobs Just-In-Time. This means you are going to eliminate the need for storage space and thus lowering your overall costs.

Conventional printing methods are limited in the printing format size due to the circumference of the printing cylinders. With a digital printing machine you will be given new freedom in your ability to fulfill your customer’s needs

Technical Data

Resolution 360 dpi bis 80 m/min, 600 dpi and 70 m/min
Ink system UV Low-Migration
Colors 5-Color inkjet digital printing machine (White + CMYK)
  Digitial printing solution for food applications. E.g. printing on (multilayer) polyamide casings.
  360° front- and backside printing in one production step
  Suitable for label printing applications
  Two flexo printing units for primer and topcoating
Mech. Machine speed 5-100 m/min

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